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The Mix Matters.

Petit Jean is a proud member of the Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas which utilize wind, water, biomass, solar energy, natural gas and the cleanest coal technology available to power communities throughout the state.



Outage Management System

No more waiting on the phone to report your outage! Go to SmartHub and with a click of a button your outage will be reported.



Let us help you improve your home’s performance!

Call a member services representative at

(501) 745-2493

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Smart Hub is a third party service for bill payments and outage reporting. It is the gold standard, trusted among electric cooperatives. SIGN UP FOR SMART HUBLOG IN TO SMART HUBPAY YOUR BILLREPORT AN OUTAGEVIEW OUTAGE MAP

Petit Jean Electric Cooperative's mission is to provide reliable and quality electric 
service at fair and competitive prices. We provide leadership within local communities 
to facilitate positive growth within our service area.

Community involvement is what we do!

Making Accidents Disappear


Making Accidents Disappear - Scott Davis, a magician, has teamed up with Petit Jean Electric Cooperative electrical safety to elementary school students. 
schedule a performance

  Buddy Walk


This is a one-mile walk to promote acceptance and inclusion of people with Down syndrome! 

  Van Buren County Fair


Petit Jean Electric Cooperative is a proud supporter of the Van Buren and the Searcy County Fairs.


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Energy saving tips


Keep your thermostat set at 78 degrees or higher during the cooling season. Use of fans can make these higher temperature settings feel more comfortable.


Dirty air filters block a significant percentage of airflow and drastically reduce heating and cooling system efficiency. A dirty filter can increase your heating and cooling costs as much as 10%.


Compact fluorescent light bulbs will last up to ten times longer than comparable incandescent bulbs and will produce the same level of light for one-fourth of the operating cost.