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New Accounts

Renters must download, print and complete our Rental Agreement Link to PDF file 

To establish a new account with Petit Jean Electric Cooperative complete the application below:


You can also visit one of our two offices in Clinton or Marshall to complete an application. Once your application is received, a Customer Service Representative will open an account for you.

New Electric Service

When applying for electric service, we require a $20.00 membership fee. The membership fee establishes you as a member-owner of Petit Jean Electric Cooperative.

In addition, a security deposit may be charged. Petit Jean's standard deposit is $200.00 for residential accounts and is payable in two equal installments - one payment upon application and one payment on your first month's bill. The security deposit will accrue interest as approved by the Arkansas Public Service Commission and will be refunded plus interest as a credit on your bill after a one-year period of good payment record.

Security deposits may be waived by providing one of the following items:

  1. A letter of good credit from your previous electric utility.
  2. A present member of Petit Jean Electric can guarantee payment of your account. The third party must have received service for at least one year from Petit Jean Electric, with a good credit standing and sign a Third Party Guarantee.
  3. By having previously received electric service from Petit Jean Electric and maintained a timely payment record.

Prospective members wanting to open new accounts are expected to provide a meter number (or the current occupant’s account number) and picture identification. The meter number is the eight digit number [no letters] inscribed on the meter inside the glass/plastic globe. Having this information expedites processing a new account since the relatively new “911 Address System” (and thus the reliability of consistent address information it provides system-wide) has not yet been fully integrated into our computer system.”

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Petit Jean Electric at 501-745-2493 (Clinton) or 870-448-3477 (Marshall).

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