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Safety Information

Petit Jean Electric Cooperative urges all of its members and their families to treat electricity with the utmost respect. If you would like a safety program presented to your school, civic club, or fire department, please contact us at Petit Jean Electric.

Be safe around electricity! Here are a few helpful tips to remember:

  • Do not touch an electric switch with wet hands.
  • Never overload outlets with too many plugs.
  • Never plug in an electric cord that is frayed.
  • Do not use electrical equipment outdoors in the rain.
  • Never use water to put out electrical fires.
  • Do not stand under trees or power poles during a storm.
  • Stay away from fallen electrical lines.
  • Fly kites in open fields away from electrical lines.
  • Stay out of the water during a thunderstorm.
  • Stay away from substation fences.
  • Do not throw rocks at utility line insulators or transformers.