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Petit Jean Electric Cooperative recently received notice that Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson will soon end the moratorium on the disconnection of electric meters. The proposed moratorium end date of May 3, 2021 will soon be here. If you have fallen behind on your bill payments, Petit Jean Electric stands ready to work with you to help you keep your power on. Please contact Petit Jean Electric at 501-745-2493 (Clinton) or 870-448-3477 (Marshall) to consult with a Member Services Representative to find out the payment plan options available for you.
Feb 1, 2021

Cold Weather Can Bring Higher Bills

Cold Weather Can Bring Higher Bills

When winter cold snaps occur, your HVAC unit and water heater work harder, cycling on and off more often, which requires more electricity.

That means your bill can be higher than normal. Even when members use other sources of heat, such as space heaters, those items only contribute to higher usage.

To ease the stress of higher bills, be sure to monitor your usage, make sure any emergency heating settings on your thermostats aren’t turned on, and be aware that space heaters and similar auxiliary devices are highly inefficient.

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