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May 2, 2022

Annual Membership Meeting

If you haven’t already, you should receive the Petit Jean Electric Cooperative Annual Report and ballot for the election of two directors soon. Please take the time to vote and return the ballot to the co-op in the envelope provided.

Secret Ballot
To assure secret balloting, we enclose with the annual meeting material a small envelope in which to place the ballot once it has been removed. This small envelope contains no identifying marks of any kind to indicate who returned it. This small envelope is to be placed inside the envelope containing the member’s name and address and returned to Petit Jean Electric Cooperative. A ballot-counting committee removes the small envelope (unopened) from the one containing the name and address label. The two envelopes are completely separated before the ballots are removed, and the votes are counted by the committee.

Enter Our Prize Drawing
Each member returning a ballot in the proper envelope, without altering the name and address label affixed to it in any way, will automatically be entered in our prize drawing. We will award three prizes this year – one from District 2, one from District 3 and one “at large” (or systemwide).

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