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Aug 2, 2022

Five Ways Petit Jean Fiber Can Assist in Education

We hope everyone has had an amazing summer! A quick update on our build progress — construction crews are wrapping up in the Bee Branch area, and we hope to begin installations soon for our members. You can keep track of your substation and feeder by looking at your most recent Petit Jean Electric bill. This will help you better determine when service becomes available at your specific location. In the box that says “Service Location/911 Address,” you should be able to see your substation and feeder.

For example, Bee Branch Substation – “S8 F7” “S8 F1” “S8 F3” “S8 F6”

In the meantime, we encourage you to preregister for fiber at to be contacted once your zone is open. The Damascus area will be next!

August kicks off back to school, and Petit Jean Fiber is excited to be able to play a part in helping families and students with their education this year.

Petit Jean Fiber internet offers benefits ranging from the speed-of-light download and upload times to reliability that goes above and beyond what copper wires can offer. With online assignments becoming more prevalent in our education system, the only way to stay updated is to have an internet network that can meet the needs of the digital age.

How does Petit Jean Fiber help students reach their intellectual potential?

1. The availability of downloadable digital learning materials has allowed students to complete assignments on the go without lugging heavy books around, but certain connections offer a faster download speed than others.

With our fiber internet, you can upload and download at the speed of light to ensure that your house has a connection that enables you to complete assignments as timely as possible.

2. Virtual meetings have introduced the possibility of real-time help from instructors and increased opportunities to meet with group members from the privacy of your home. Fiber internet is built with fiber-optic wires that are more reliable than typical copper wiring. This reliability will decrease lag time and allow you to have a seamless video calling experience.

3. On average, college students spend $1,220 per year on textbooks! With digital textbooks, the prices are lower because the manufacturers do not need to spend money to print the books. Therefore, digital textbooks can be up to 70% cheaper than physical textbooks. Being able to access these at home reliably and quickly will save both the student and parent money because fiber internet is more cost-friendly than expensive books.

4. Depending on where you are located, there are days that school systems advise students to stay home for severe weather conditions. This is typically done on extremely cold or hot days and when bad storms are predicted. These severe weather changes can have an impact on the internet connection and can hinder students from being able to work on their assignments at home. Fiber-optic cables are less sensitive to weather changes and therefore can provide a better signal so your student can access their assignments rain or shine.

5. School systems and applications have immense amounts of personal information about their students. This can include financial information, home addresses, passwords and more. The safety of your student should be of utmost importance, which is why Petit Jean Fiber provides a layer of safety that typical internet providers cannot. Our subscribers can download the Petit Jean Fiber app at any time from the Google Play or Apple app store for FREE and receive the best Wi-Fi management available with features including ProtectIQ and ExperienceIQ. Control all the devices in your home network from the main dashboard, and use additional features in the main menu. Take advantage of parental controls, protect your devices with security features and set device priorities.

You can learn more about the app features at Thank you as always for your support, and best of luck to all students this school year!

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