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Aug 2, 2022


Hot summer days impact the amount of electricity you use each month and can increase your bill. If your electric bill is higher than usual, here are four factors that may impact it:

1. Consumption. The primary factor that impacts your monthly bill is the amount of energy used. The more energy your home uses, the higher your electric bill will be. Heating and cooling systems typically account for more than 50% of your home’s energy.

2. Weather. Changes in outdoor temperatures impact your bill. As temperatures rise in the summer, your home’s energy usage increases. The greater the difference between the outdoor temperature and your desired indoor temperature means your cooling system is using more energy to reach the desired indoor temperature.

3. Energy Costs. Because energy costs can change regularly, you may see a credit or charge each month depending on current energy prices and the amount of energy used. Energy cost adjustments are implemented to recover the varying cost of fuel used to generate electricity that is not recovered in the utility’s base electric rates. The energy cost adjustment only recovers the actual cost of fuel and purchased energy. The electric cooperatives make no margins (profits) on the adjustment.

4. Billing Cycles. Billing cycles can vary depending on the dates billed. More days in a billing cycle may make your bill seem higher than normal.

We’re here to help! Reach out to Petit Jean Electric at 501-745-2493. We can review your electric bill and your usage. We can also discuss energy audits, recommend energy-savings tips and suggest billing or payment methods that may help.

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