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Oct 3, 2023

Big news from Petit Jean Fiber!

Our crews are dedicated to serving the Petit Jean Electric Cooperative membership with high-speed internet from Petit Jean Fiber. We are excited to announce that with the completion of our most recent zone openings — Hillview and Shirley — ALL OF VAN BUREN COUNTY is now connected to fiber-fast internet! This is an incredible milestone as we inch closer and closer to connecting 100% of Petit Jean Electric Cooperative’s members to the future-proof technology our communities have lacked. As a member-owner of Petit Jean Electric, YOU are also a member-owner of Petit Jean Fiber and will have the same benefits that come with membership.

As you might imagine, the process of building a fiber-to-the-home network is complex, and all areas to be served go through several phases of design and construction:

Design: The Design Phase includes determining the specific routes of installation, preferred build technology and amount of fiber and other supplies needed to provide service to the area.

Build: Once the Design Phase has been completed, mainline construction, the process of adding fiber-optic cable and steel strands to pole lines throughout the community, begins.

Splice: Splicing, the process to permanently fuse the fiber, is started during the Build Phase and continues for several weeks after. The final steps include configuring and testing services before mounting the spliced fibers to the poles.

Drop: The fiber is extended from the nearest splice point to the home or business receiving service. There, the last length of fiber is connected and mounted in a network device.

Install: Once drop splicing is only a few weeks away from completion, our office will begin to call customers to schedule installations to homes and businesses that have registered for service.

We are excited to connect more Petit Jean Electric members one mile of fiber at a time! Please be assured that our teams are working tirelessly to complete the necessary construction and configuration required to deliver these services as quickly as we can.

From all of us at Petit Jean Electric Cooperative and Petit Jean Fiber, thank you for your enthusiasm and your patience as our broadband project unfolds. We are excited to take this step in improving communications and reliability across our electric system and for the opportunities high-speed fiber internet will provide for member-owners.

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